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You can be standing right in front of the truth and not necessarily see it, and people only get it when they’re ready to get it.

— George Harrison

FUN “Carry On”

it’s amazing to see these guys just being themselves.

A fucking list:

  1. Write in a fucking journal
  2. Talk to a fucking friend
  3. Eat some fucking pizza and enjoy that shit
  4. Watch a really fucking good movie
  5. Tell someone you fucking love them and fucking mean it
  6. Take a long fucking drive and blast some great fucking tunes
  7. Look at those fucking stars if you can
  8. Read a fucking book
  9. Surround yourself with (insert noun here) that fucking inspire you
  10. Whatever it is that instills fear in you, get over it and fucking do it

Shit isn’t easy to do. But fuck, what else can we do?

worth it.

worth it.

10 Tips To Think More Creatively


1. Reframe The Problem or Phrase Question Differently 

When we phrase a question or problem in a different light, we are more likely to find more solutions. We often look at things from a single angle preventing us from seeing all the possibilities.  Some ways to think more creatively for this are  to phrase the question differently or to put the problems in a different scenario. 

2. Avoid Logical Thinking

Logical thinking can prevent us from innovative thoughts, because when we think logically we only use what we know. Creative ideas are built from what we do not know. To facilitate this process, you can look for inspirations from music, arts or people. Or you can use your dreams to come up with solutions. Studies show that dreams help us problem solve and one advantage is that dreams do not follow logic, but instead give us insights. 

3. Avoid Following Rules 

This point relates back to point 2, because we usually stick to rigid ideas or beliefs about how things work or should work. Instead, we should become more flexible and ask ourselves the question ‘what if?’ What if we tried? 

4. Avoid Being Practical 

This point relates to the methods we use to problem solve. Sometimes, we tend to stick to one method and not try other ways. Instead, we should be trying to combine different ideas or methods together. 

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